Annual Event Schedule

month 1

Tondo Festival at Sakenotsu
・Ketaka Town
A National Significance, Intangible Folk, and Cultural Asset. Make a fire, and send the gods to heaven every New Year.

month 4

Tottori Sakura Festival
・Tottori City

Nagashi-bina at Mochigase
・Mochigase Town
It’s held on the 3rd of every March of the old calendar. Drift hina dolls on flat bale down the river for good health wishes.

Kirin Lion Dance
・Ube Shrine in Kokufu Town
Prefectural Intangible Folk Cultural Asset. The Kirin lion dance is a dedication to the god of the Ube shrine; a big festival of the shrine.

Hoenya Fetival (every two years)
Festival is held at Karo shrine in port town for good luck in getting a good catch. There is a parade of a portable shrine on the sea and Kirin lion dance.

Shikano Festival (every two years)
・Shikano Town
Yatai (float) similar to Kyoto Gion Festival is so beautiful. An Evening Festival with 200 meters of “Tsuna Tourou (lantern)”. Very impressive.

Flower Festival
・Tottori City
month 5
Hijiri Shrine Festival (every two years)
・Tottori City
Yoshioka Hot Spring Festival
・Yoshioka Hot Spring
month 6

Amedaki, Opening of the Waterfall Festival
・Amedaki in Kokufu Town
Performed with Inaba Umbrella Dance behind a powerful waterfall with snowmelt from Oginosen mountain.

Firefly Festival
・Yoshioka Hot Spring
month 7
Kawahara Sweetfish Festival
・Kawahara Town
month 7

Kaigarabushi Dance Festival
・Ketaka Town
Dance performance to Kaigarabushi folk songs, and Fireworks Display at the Sea are held.Taste famous foods like Araisoyaki (seafood barbecue).

month 7

Tottori City Fireworks Display
・On the riverbank of Sendai
river in Tottori City

Tottori Castle Festival
・Tottori City
Enjoy a historic pageant and performance of old guns.

month 7

Gongen Festival
・Ochidani Shrine in Tottori City

Aoya Yokoso Festival
・Aoya Town
Tree Festival
・Tottori City
month 7

Tottori Kani Fiesta (Crab’s day)
・Karo (Marinpia Karo)
Taste and buy crab at Tottori Karo port. Enjoy free crab soup.

Tottori Sand Dunes Illumination
・Tottori Sand Dunes
Romantic winter night; Sand Dunes shine with lights.

※Name and date of the events may be changed.